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TENSIÓN SEXUAL: VOLÁTIL (Sexual Tension: Volatile) by Marco Berger & Marcelo Mónaco

The Plot: Six short stories where the sexual tension is high and hot. In ARI, a boy falls in love with his tattooist. In EL PRIMO (The Cousin), a guy feels sexually attracted to a friend’s cousin who seems to be always with a boner. In EL OTRO (The Other One), a guy explains very physically to a friend how he should fuck his girlfriend. In LOS BRAZOS ROTOS (Broken Arms), a male nurse is hired to give a bath to a man with broken arms. In AMOR (Honey, a guy in vacations with his girlfriend, ends up taking a shower with the sexy innkeeper. In ENTRENAMIENTO (Workout), two muscular friends who train together start to loose clothes and inhibitions in order to send sexy photos to a couple of girls.

The cast: The entire cast acts very naturally and thankfully the majority of the guys don’t look like perfect and clean models; these guys are the real thing and the desire is all in their eyes. The ones who really caught my attention were the sexy Javier De Pietro, as the guy who feels attracted to his friend’s cousin, and the funny Leo Martínez, as the guy who teaches sex moves to his friend. There’s also a very hot Santiago Caamaño as the innkeeper; who would resist to take a shower with him?

The Movie: Directors Marco Berger and Marcelo Mónaco had a good time caressing several male bodies with their cameras, who seem to love them. The humor helps make this intimate voyeur movie enjoyable to see and sometimes we can really feel the heat of the situations. What would we do if we were in those situations? In fact, probably many of us has experienced one or two. The best and more exciting story is EL PRIMO (The Cousin), the funniest EL OTRO (The Other One), the less real ARI, the sillier ENTRENAMIENTO (Workout), the most disturbing LOS BRAZOS ROTOS (Broken Arms) and the less interesting AMOR (Honey), Maybe I’m a sex maniac, but I wish the movie went a little further. But even so, some of the situations aroused my… imagination.

My Rate: 6 (from 1 to 10)

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