terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2016

DESDE ALLÁ (From Afar) by Lorenzo Vigas

The Plot: Armando (Alfredo Costa), a wealthy 60 years old man, cruises young men and pays them to show him their naked bodies. Elder (Luis Silva), one of those young men, goes to his house for the money and than hits him and runs away. For some unknown reason, Armando goes looking for him and a strange relationship develops between the two.

The cast: Alfredo Costa convincingly plays the role of Armando as an almost pathetic lonely man, who watches from afar instead of taking part of it. For example, he prefers to masturbate looking at the naked bodies of young men instead of paying to touch or have sex with them. As Elder, Luis Silva looks like a real boy from the wrong side of the streets of Venezuela; he is violent, but he is also someone who doesn’t know what love is and who have never been treated with care.

The Movie: For his directorial debut, Lorenzo Vigas delivers a startling movie about manipulation. The pace is slow; there aren’t many dialogues; the characters aren’t nice; but there’s a feeling that something strange is going on and that things aren’t exactly what they appear to be. Vigas builds the relationship between Alfred and Elder without any kind of chemistry, more like a game of power where sex is the main currency. It’s also a movie about the destruction of the innocence of a naïve young criminal. I can’t tell you much more, but the end took me by surprise and it’s one of those movies that will make you think. By the end, I understood why this gay drama won last year’s Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

My Rate: 6 (from 1 to 10)

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