domingo, 29 de maio de 2016

UNE NOUVELLE AMIE (The New Girlfriend) by François Ozon

The Plot: After Laura’s death, her best friend Claire discovers that Laura’s husband enjoys dressing as a woman. At the beginning she feels shocked, but then finds in him a new girlfriend and substitute for Laura.

The cast: Eddie Redmayne as THE DANISH GIRL didn’t surprise me at all, but Romain Duris is a surprise in the role of David/Virginia! He shows his deeply feminine side, but never loses his masculine looks. His acting is full of emotion, humor, desire and passion! Anaïs Demoustier is perfectly cast as Claire, a married woman who knows she wants something different for her life. One last word for the gorgeous Raphaël Personnaz as Claire’s husband, who seems too curious about gay life (there’s a short, but hot scene between the two boys).  The three work great together!

The Movie: Comparisons with THE DANISH GIRL are almost inevitable, but this movie by François Ozon is more interesting and better than it. Based on a novel by Ruth Rendell, the movie blossoms with the secrets that David and Claire share with each other and the way that changes their lives. There aren’t any doubts that Claire had a crush on Laura and seeing David as a woman brings that attraction back. In one of the best scenes of the movie, Claire and Virginia go to a gay bar were both feel alive and happy. I liked the fact that David, although enjoying being a woman, doesn’t feel sexually attracted to men. This and other things makes this an original film with guts, that’s why it’s such a pity it ends in such a “pink” way; it deserved a stronger finale.

My Rate: 7 (from 1 to 10)

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