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FREEHELD by Peter Sollett

The Plot: Laurel (Julianne Moore) is a lesbian police officer that lives with her domestic partner Stacie (Ellen Page). When she is diagnosed with a terminal cancer, both have to battle the law in order for Stacie to get Laurel’s pension benefits.

The cast: It’s true, there’s isn’t great chemistry between Julianne Moore and Ellen Page, but both give strong performances; Moore in her traditional natural style and Page is more emotional than usual. At their side, Michael Shannon is solid as Laurel’s reliable police partner and Steve Carell have a party as a gay Jewish.

The Movie: Based in a true story, this dramatic movie isn’t about a love story; it’s about homophobia, human rights, equality and prejudice. Director Peter Sollett was able to tell the story with humor and managed not to let it fall into cheesy territory; this is emotional, but when you feel the tears, they are real. On the other hand Sollett keeps things very clean, without any hint of something that may shock the straight audiences. Is this manipulative? Yes. But it’s true. Sometimes, real life can be manipulative.

My Rate: 6 (from 1 to 10)

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