terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016

EN LA GAMA DE LOS GRISES (In the Grayscale) by Claudio Marcone

The Plot: Bruno (Francisco Celhay) is a successful architect who is kind of separated from his wife and son. In order to get inspired for his next big project, he has to work with a local guide, Fer (Emilio Edwards), who happens to be gay and soon a romance blossoms between them.

The cast: Francisco Celhay and Emilio Edwards are both very believable in their roles, the first one as a problematic man who don’t know if he wants to get out of the closet, and the second one as a lively open and sexy gay man. Both actors are completely at ease with their bodies and their more intimates scenes. In the role of Bruno’s wife, Daniele Ramírez plays a sensitive role.

The Movie: For his first movie, director Claudio Marcone gives us a truthful portrait about the coming out of a married man who doesn’t feel comfortable in his skin. Things start slowly and Marcone isn’t in a hurry to have his two male leads falling in love, but when it happens it’s realistic and hot. The fact that both leads aren’t the prototype male models we see in gay magazines, make it more real. Marcone makes us feel the fear, desires and anguish of the characters. Without revealing too much, let me say that by the end I felt that something was missing; it was kind of frustrating.  Well, maybe I’m too accustomed to the American cinema. 

My Rate: 6 (from 1 to 10)

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