quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2016


The Plot: Szabolcs (András Sütö) and Bernard (Sebastian Urzendowsky) are two friends that play in the same football team; when they loose a game, Szabolds decides to return to his hometown. Once there, he meets Áron (Ádám Varga) and the two become lovers. One day, Bernard appears at his doorstep.

The cast: Although none of them is extraordinary, the three young and cute actors are convincing in their roles. András Sütö as the lonely guy who is afraid of his sexuality, Ádám Varga as the complicated country boy who discovers he is gay and Sebastian Urzendowsky as the guy who knows exactly what he likes and isn’t afraid of showing it.

The Movie: This Hungarian movie is a melancholic gay drama, where things happen in slow motion and where the characters are always longing for something they are kind of afraid of getting. A little more than 100 minutes it’s too much to tell this interesting story; director Ádám Császi could have delivered a much better movie had he make it shorter. What the film has is a strong sense of sensuality and I just wish there was more of it; the very soft sex scenes are simple but kind of hot. As for the final, it took me by surprise.

My Rate: 5 (from 1 to 10)

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